Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Yulija V. Chortok


Academic degree: PhD, Associate Professor

Position: Associate Professor

The main disciplines: Bases of entrepreneurship, Transportation Logistics

Research interests: economic and environmental aspects of logistics, sustainable development, stakeholders’ partnership, entrepreneurship

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Тел.: +38 (0542) 33-22-23


Additional Information. Higher education. In 2005 she graduated from Sumy State University, "Business Economics". From 01.11.2005 till 01.11.2008, the post-graduate student at the department of Sumy State University of Economics and Business Administration, specialty 08.00.03 - economics and management of the national economy. In 2010 in Sumy State University, she defended dissertation work "Ecological and economic mechanism of logistics system of trade enterprise" in the specialty 08.00.06 - economics of natural resources and environmental protection.

Teaching. From 01.09.2005 she worked at the Department of Economics and Business Administration as an assistant. From 01.11.2008 she worked as an assistant at the Department of Economics and Business Administration from 01.10.2010 she has been working in staff as a senior lecturer at Department of Economics and Business Administration. From 2013 – Associate Professor. Total teaching experience is 14 years. 

She teachers the disciplines: "Bases of Entrepreneurship" (full-time studing), "Business Modeling in Trade" (full-and part-time students), "Cost Management" (daily, part-time and distance learning). Co-author of a distance courses: "Cost Management" (co-author - PhD, Assoc. Prof. Karintseva O.I., PhD, Assoc. Prof. Kharchenko M.O.), «Economy and Organization of Entrepreneurship» (co-author — PhD Pimonenko Т.V.), , «Internal Economic Mechanism of an Enterprise » (co-author — PhD Pimonenko Т.V.), «Qualification work of a bachelor» (co-author — PhD, Assoc. Prof. Karintseva O.I.), «Practice on enterprise» (co-author – PhD, Assoc. Prof. Dehtyarova I.B.), «Complex specialty exam» (co-author — PhD, Assoc. Prof. Karintseva O.I.).

Scientific activity. The author of 5 articles in journals, indexing in database SCOPUS (including 2 - indexing in database Web of Science), over 100 scientific and educational works, 4 of which are section in collective monographs, 3 textbooks in subsection, 8 methodical publications, 18 articles in specialized scientific journals, more than 50 publications in the collections of abstracts of scientific conferences, including in collaboration with students.

PhD students: Nechyporenko Roman Mykolaiovych.

Organizational work. Successfully perform all kinds of training assignments and working with students full-time, part-time, distance learning modes.

Participation in trainings and scholarships. Training in Lithuania at Kaunas University of Technology "Economic basis of sustainable development and green economy: issues for Lithuania and Ukraine" (2017), training at Masaryk University (Czech Republic) under the project "Progressive University Management" (2018).

Participation in scientific projects and grants: 

«Fundamental Bases of mechanisms formation for ensuring sustainable development of socio-economic systems» (№ of state registration 0106U001939) (2007);

«Forming of fundamental ecological and economic prerequisites for innovative transformations as the basis for changing technological methods of social production» № of state registration 0108U007128) (2007-2008);

«Forming of the ecological and economical mechanism of resource saving motivation in the conditions of Ukraine transition to information society”» № of state registration 0108U009079) (2008);

«Fundamental bases of ensuring sustainable development during the transition to the information society» (№ of state registration 0108U000670) (2008-2010);

«Forming of an economic mechanism for solving international environmental conflicts» № of state registration 0109U004803) (2010);

"Economic justification for business process reengineering as an element of a process-oriented management system at a production facility" № of state registration 0110U001878 (2010)

 «Fundamental bases of forming environmentally oriented mechanisms of social and economic potential realization in the conditions of informational society» № of state registration 0111U002149) (2011-2013);

«Mechanisms for the implementation of socioeconomic potential of production and consumption dematerialization» № of state registration 0112U002698) (2012);

«Fundamental management bases for ecologically orientated dematerialization of social and economic systems» № of state registration 0112U006839) (2012);

«Mechanisms for implementation of dematerialisation and resource potential of the national economy in the information society» № of state registration 0113U001746 (2012);

"Ecological and economic mechanisms for realizing the potential of energy and resource saving of the national economy" № of state registration 0114U001764 (2014-2017);

Grant for Young Scientists by the Ukrainian Government “Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility for Sustainable Development: Stakeholders Partnership in the Real, Financial and Public Sectors of the Economy” № of state registration 0117U003933 (2017-2020).

She has a certificate of English level В2, TestDaF-Institut onSET placement test.

Publications of Chortok J.V.: