Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Olena Y. Chygryn

altAcademic degree: PhD, Associate Professor

Position: Assoсiate Professor

The main disciplines: Natural Resource Economics, Economic Analysis Theory, Capital Management, Environmental Management and Audit

Research interests: Environmental economics, "green" entrepreneurship, corporate governance, renewables economics, environmental management and audit

Other responsibilities: Head of Environmental Economics Section

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Теl.: +38 (0542) 33-22-23


Has the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages. English. Level B2.

Scientific activity:
In 2002 she defended the thesis "Organizational economic bases of corporate management ecologization" for scientific degree of Candidate of Economics (PhD) on  specialty 08.00.06 – Economics of nature use and environmental protection.
Under her supervising, there was defended 1 PhD dissertation: T. V. Pimonenko “Organizational and economic bases of environmental audit in the corporate sector” (2012)

She is the author of about 80 articles, co-author of 10 monographs, 5 textbooks.

Participation in grants:
International Ukraine-Lithuania grant: "Development of institutional and economic foundations for sustainable development and" green "economy at the regional level.

Participation in trainings and scholarships:

  • Scholarship holders of Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Programme “Integrated Approach Towards to Sustainable Development” (New Deli, India, 2017).
  • Training in Israeli Parliament, "Greening of Parliaments – theoretical and practical issues for the Israeli Knesset and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine" (Jerusalem, Israel, 2016).
  • Training in Lithuania at Kaunas University of Technology „Economic basis of sustainable development and green economy: issues for Lithuania and Ukraine" (2016).
  • Training in Centre of Sociological research “Sustainable development goals: new challenges and perspectives” (Igalo, Montenegro, 2018).

Publications of Chygryn O. Y.: