Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Iryna M. Sotnyk

altScience degree, academic rank: Doctor of Economics, Dr. Sc. (Econ), professor

Position: Professor, Deputy Head of the Department

Courses Taught: labor economics, economics of enterprise, the theory of ecological and economic analysis, economic bases of resource saving, economics of energetics, social and solidarity economics

Special fields: economics of energy and resource saving, energy economics, environmental economics, sustainable development, green economics, social and solidarity economics, entrepreneurship

Other responsibilities: Head of the section "Business Administration", responsible for the accreditation and licensing of educational programmes of the Department, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the International Scientific Journal “Mechanism of Economic Regulation” (Sumy, Ukraine).

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Tel.: +38 (0542) 33-22-23

Sotnyk І.M. has been working as Professor of Department of Economics and Business-Administration in Sumy State University since June 2011. In 1999 she graduated from Sumy State University (specialty “Economics of Enterprise”) with honors and began post-graduate study. In 2002 ahead of schedule she defended the thesis "Ecological and economic foundations of energy conservation management" for scientific degree of Candidate of Economics (PhD) on  specialty 08.00.06 – Economics of nature use and environmental protection. In 2002-2008 Sotnyk І.M. worked as assistant, senior lecturer, associate professor of Department of Economics. In 2008 she began the doctoral studies at Sumy State University. In 2010 ahead of schedule she defended the thesis “Formation of ecological and economic mechanism for resource saving management” for scientific degree of Doctor of Economics on  specialty 08.00.06 - Economics of nature use and environmental protection. In 2004 she was awarded by academic rank of associate professor of Department of Economics, in 2012 – by academic rank of professor of Department Economics and Business Administration. Sotnyk І.M. is laureate of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Prize for youth’s contribution to the development of the state (nomination "for scientific achievements", 2004) and scholarships of the Cabinet of Ministers (2011-2012) and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2012-2013).  
She has Cambridge First Certificate in English, Level B2.
Scientific and Research activity
Sotnyk І.M. has more than 250 scientific and 35 educational publications, including more than 100 publications last 5 years. Among her publications, there are more than 20 monographs (including 2 single-person), in particular, "Managing resource saving: socio-ecological and economic aspects" (Sumy, 2010), "Wastes as secondary resources: management, economics, organization" (Sumy, 2013), "Sustainable development of the XXI century: management, technologies, models" (Cherkasy, 2014), "Methods for solving environmental problems" (Sumy, 2015),  "Motivational mechanisms for dematerialization and energy efficient changes in national economy" ((Sumy, 2016), «International economic relations and sustainable development» (2017); 16 textbooks and tutorials approved by Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine on business economics, entrepreneurship, energy economics, environmental and economic problems of energy and resource saving, sustainable development. Along with monographs, textbooks and tutorials, as well as articles in Ukrainian specialized journals, Sotnyk І.M. has publications in foreign journals. She has published 8 articles in international journals included to database Scopus and 7 articles – to Web of Science. 
Sotnyk І.M. is a leader and contributor of many scientific and research projects, including international ones. Under her supervision, 5 fundamental projects including 4 grants of the President of Ukraine (2006, 2008, 2012 and 2016) were performed. As contributor, Sotnyk І.M. participated in the development of more than 25 state budget fundamental projects at the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration of Sumy State University, in particular, “Fundamental bases of ensuring sustainable development during the transition to the information society” (No. 0108U000670), “Development of the fundamentals of the reproductive mechanism of  "green" economy in the information society” (No. 0115U000684), “Methodology of mechanism formation for innovative development of national economy based on alternative energy” (No. 53.15.01-01.15/17.ЗФ) and others. 
Among the international projects participated by Sotnyk І.M., there are fundamental projects “Development of methodological foundations of transforming education for ensuring sustainable development” (No. 0107U009205) and “Institutional mechanisms for integrated management of the transition to sustainable regional development in Ukraine and Belarus” (No. 0113U002790), performed together with scientists of Belarusian State Technological and Economic universities; fundamental project “Development of institutional and economic basis for sustainable development and “green” economy at regional level” (No. 0116U007179), implemented jointly with scientists from Kaunas Technological University (Lithuania). Sotnyk І.M. had international trainings in scientific and government establishments of Estonia, Lithuania and Israel.
She was a contributor of the project for the Russian State Scientific Fund. Within the framework of that project, Sotnyk І.M. established close scientific contacts with Russian scientists from Russian Society for Ecological Economics and Russian Economic University named after G.V. Plekhanov. The result of creative collaboration was publication of joint research articles on environmental economics, resource saving and cleaner production in scientific journals as well as publication of international textbook in 2009. In addition, in close international scientific co-operation, implemented as part of "Yaroslavna" Euroregion on the territory of Sumy region of Ukraine and Kursk region of Russia, Sotnyk I.M. became a coauthor of 2 monographs in 2010 and 2 monograph in 2011 and 2013.
Sotnyk I.M. actively participates in scientific and practical conferences in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia, Moldova, Lithuania (in particular, about 40 conferences for the past 5 years). Among them, there are IV International scientific and practical conference "Problems and prospects of territories’ socio-economic development" (Opole, Poland, 2015), Research Paper Development Bootcamp "Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Environment and Innovations Research" (Tartu, Estonia, 2015), International scientific and practical conference "Modern transformation of economics and management in the era of globalization" (Klaipeda, Lithuania, 2016), International scientific and practical conference "Development of social and economic systems in a global competitive environment" (Chisinau, Moldova, 2016); International conference "Economic Science for Rural Development" (Jelgava, Latvia, 2017), 24th EBES Conference (Bangkok, Thailand, 2018) and others.
For the purposes of Sumy State University staff support, Sotnyk I.M. manages postgraduate students’ training (in 2019 - 2 postgraduate students - Pavlik V.V. and Zavrazhny K.Yu.). Under her supervising, there were defended 4 PhD dissertations:
- Mazin Yu.O., PhD thesis “Economical basis for innovative resource saving policy management in machine-building” (2005);
- Starchenko L.V., PhD thesis “Environmental and economic grounding of the life quality for the region population in the conditions of sustainable development” (2009);
- Chortok Yu.V., PhD thesis “Ecological and economic mechanism of logistic system management at the trade enterprise” (2010);
- Kurbatova T.O., PhD thesis “Scientific principles of organizational and economic mechanism of management for renewable energy development” (2016).
The results of her research work with students are a number of published reports in conferences proceedings and articles in scientific journals by full-time and distance learning students of Sumy State University, as well as prizes that were won by students in the second round of Ukrainian competition of student research works in the specialty "The economy of agriculture and agribusiness" (1st place in 2014) and in the field of "Marketing, Labour Resources Management and Labour Economics" (section "Labour Economics") (2nd place in 2017) under Sotnyk I.M. supervising.
Laureate of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Prize (2004) 
Laureate of scholarships of the Cabinet of Ministers (2011-2012) and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2012-2013).
Member of Scientific and Methodical Subcommittee on Specialty 076 “Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activity”, Higher Education Sector of Scientific and Methodical Council, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (since 2016).
Member of Specialized Academic Council on doctoral theses in Economics of Nature Using and Environmental Protection D 55.051.01, Sumy State University (since 2013).
Member of Academic Council of Oleg Balatskyi Academic and Scientific Institute of Finance, Economics and Management, Sumy State University  (since 2012).
International training

The program of academic training “Foreign language as a means of forming professional competences in foreign economic activities”

Southwest State University, Kursk, Russia

December 13, 2013

Academic training in studying the experience of teaching economic disciplines in English on the basis of Southwest State University

Southwest State University, Kursk, Russia

December 2013

Participation in Research Paper Development Bootcamp “Renew­able Energy, Sustain­ability, Environment and Innovations Research” within the framework Scientific cooperation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland (SCOPES) “Improving Energy Security through Swiss-Ukranian-Estonian Institutional Partnership”

University of Tartu,

Tartu, Estonia

November 6-8, 2015

Academic training “Greening of Parliaments – theoretical and practical issues for the Israeli Knesset and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine”

Israeli Parliament, Jerusalem, Israel

June 19-26, 2016

Academic training within the framework of joint Ukrainian-Lithuanian scientific project “Forming institutional and economic bases of sustainable development and green economy at the regional level” (№TA-LU-4-2016; № 0116U007179)

Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania

November 20-26, 2016

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