Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Using best EU practices for sustainable economy forming in Ukraine for students and scientists of Odessa universities

The first module of the program Jean Monnet “Using best EU practices for sustainable economy forming in Ukraine” (UBEUP) 553 185-EPP-1-2014- 1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE) ended with a series of lectures and thematic workshops in Odessa.

March 16-17 in Odessa State Environmental University (OSEU) there was a series of lectures, began earlier by Prof. Leonid Melnyk, Head of the Department of Economics and Business Administration at Sumy State University (SSU), Director of Institute for Development Economics under Ukrainian Ministry for Education & Science and National Academy of Science. Students, PhD students and professors attended Professor Leonid Melnyk’s lecture "EU experience in shaping sustainable development in Ukraine". Associate Professor from SSU Iryna Dehtyarova delivered the lecture "Sustainable development in Ukraine."

Before the training the project leader Prof. Melnyk discussed the project prospects and possible future cooperation with the Rector of the University Dr., Prof. Sergey Stepanenko. Prof. Melnyk also presented his monograph "Trialectic basics for control of economic systems development" and the textbook "The EU Practices for Sustainable Economy Implementation in Ukraine" to OSEU library. 

Books presented to OSEU by Sumy scientists 



Prof. Melnyk’s lecture in OSEU



Ass. Prof. Dehtyarova’s lecture in OSEU 


Odessa and Sumy organizers joint team for the seminar: left – Dr. Prof., Olena Gubanova, right – Ass. Prof. Olena Pavlenko

A series of classes ended with a round table debate. Students, PhD  students and university teachers took part in it. It was organized by the mentioned SSU teachers and Associate Professor of the same university Oleksandr Kubatko. The jury, which concluded the results of the debate, led by the Head of the Department of Environmental Economics, Prof. Olena Gubanova and Deputy Head of the Department of Environmental Management and scientific secretary of the University Ass. Prof. Olena Pavlenko.

The participants of the round table debates discussed the prospects of development of "green" economy and the vital issues of alternative energy sources for the formation of Ukraine's energy security. Discussion focused on stimulating domestic enterprises transition to alternative energy sources. Winners of the debate and active participants in the roundtable received Jean Monnet program certificates.  

During debates in OSEU (in the foreground Sumy debate organizers: Oleksandr Kubatko and Iryna Dehtyarova)



Preparation and debates in OSEU



Awarding most active participants of the debates in OSEU with Jean Monnet program certificates

March 18 Prof. Leonid Melnyk delivered a series of lectures for students, graduate students and faculty members of the Institute of Business, Economics and Information Technology in Odessa National Polytechnic University (ONPU). The Director of the Institute Dr., Prof. Svitlana Filippova opened a series of lectures. The course ended with a round table talk, in which the Deputy Director of the Institute, Head of the Department of Management, Prof. Sergey Kharichkov; Professor at the same department Dr., Prof. Vitaliy Zakharchenko; Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics of Enterprises, Candidate of Economic Sciences Hleb Zadorozhko; Head of the Department for Foreign Students Affairs, Assistant at the Department of Economics of Enterprise Oleksiy Goncharenko took an active part.


Prof. Melnyk’s lecture in ONPU


ONPU Master students read Prof. Melnyk’s monograph, which he presented to the University library

One of the key controversy issues was the EU experience in forming solidarity economy. Debating they came to a conclusion that the development of sustainable ("green") economy is inevitably linked with the use of fundamentally new forms of economic systems. Today we are witnessing the fact that in the EU, a new reality - a giant energy complex information on the production and consumption of "green" energy (EnerNet) exists. Millions of renewable energy sources (solar, wind, bio) are integrated and managed by a single transcontinental information system. In particular, in the day time the energy system is based on solar generators in southern Europe, and at night it consumes Nordic hydropower. Thus, a good balance between competition and consolidation of economic agents is formed. Both of these factors contribute to the development of innovation.

Odessa National Economic University invited Prof. Melnyk to deliver a lecture March 19. Before the lecture, he met the Rector of the University, corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, Dr., Professor Mykhailo Zvieriakov with whom he discussed current issues of economics.

Scientific Vice-Rector Dr., Prof. Anatoliy Koval’ov; Head of the Department of National Economics and Management, Dr., Prof. Maryna Baldzhy; Head of the Department of Economics of Enterprise, Dr., Prof. Oleksandr Yankovyi attended the lecture. After the lecture there was a lively scientific debate about urgent problems of sustainable development formation in Ukraine.

Before Prof. Melnyk’s lecture in ONEU (right to left  - Prof. Koval’ov; Prof. Baldzhy; Prof. Yankovyi)


During Prof. Melnyk’s lecture in ONEU  


During scientific polemics in ONEU

Sumy missionaries enjoyed Odessa sights either at the sunrise early in the morning before classes or at sunset. But even these brief moments of visiting Odessa left a lasting impression.


Project leader Prof. Leonid Melnyk’s attempts to bring at least one of the twelve historical chairs to Sumy and increase milk yield per Derybasivs’ka breed cow (because it stands in Derybasivs’ka Street).


Ass. Prof. Dehtyarova tried to interview L.Y.Ut’osov  



Field research: Sumy scientists - Associate Professors are conducting research on control weather conditions in the area of Odessa Black Sea beach; an attempt to disperse the March snow clouds