Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
The Unique "Sofiyivka"

In the period of May 14-16 Head of the Department of Economics and Business Administration of SSU, Director of the Institute for Development Economics of Ministry of Education and Science and National Academy of Science  of Ukraine, Prof. L.G. Melnyk attended the meeting of the scientific-methodical MES commission on ecology, environmental protection and balanced nature management. The meeting was held in Uman National University of Horticulture.

The Commission considered the issues of forming training qualifications for students in ecology, environment and balanced nature management.

Professor L.G. Melnyk briefly informed the Commission about the results of the EU Jean Monnet grant “Using best EU practices for sustainable economy forming in Ukraine”.

As a reward for the hard work in the committee, participants had the opportunity to visit the landscaped dendropark "Sofievka".

Commition meeting L.G. Melnyk’s speech  during the Commition meeting


Of the many paths in the park no one is straight Even the river does not like to run straight


We can only guess who and how once put up this stone It is difficult to believe that whole "Sofiyivka" was created on an artificial ground


"Sofiyivka" is an amazing combination of natural and man-made landscapes Prof. L.G. Melnyk with the Commission chairman Prof. S.N. Stepanenko


"Sofiyivka" Stones are as if the actors in its performance In the eternally young "Sofiyivka" only this tree reminds us that it is already more than 200 years