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Head of the Department of Economics and Business Administration of Sumy State University, Director of the Institute for Development  Economics of Ministry of Education and Science and National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Doctor of Economics, Professor L.G. Melnyk invited by the Department of International Business, Logistics and Management of Uzhhorod National University (UNU) delivered for UNU students and teachers of the Faculty of Economics the lecture under Jean Monnet program “Using best EU practices for sustainable economy forming in Ukraine”.

 The lecture aroused a great interest among the audience. After the lecturer Prof. Melnyk answered the questions.

During the meeting with the teachers of the Department, Professor L.G. Melnyk discussed problems of research and teaching activities.

Having the opportunity, Prof. L.G. Melnyk enjoyed Uzhhorod and Mukacheve sights.

Prof. L. G. Melnyk’s lecture 


Linden and sakura alley in Uzhhorod. Unfortunately, sakura have already faded and limes have only start blooming Uzhhorod always surprises with its exoticism. Inaccessible Uzhhorod Castle, which is over 800 years old


Nevitsky castle in Uzhhorod countryside surrounded by greenery. Its history is full of legends Even today Nevitsky Castle seems mysterious and enigmatic


City Hall (now Mukacheve City Hall) Mukacheve residents believe that the button on the clothing of one of the last city chimney sweepers brings good luck. By the way, the prototype of the monument – a real chimney sweeper is fortunately alive


It seems to be the only Cyril and Methodius monument in Ukraine, the creators (in the IX century) of Slavic alphabet, which allowed adapting the pre-existing in Russia "Velesovitsa" Alphabet and "Glagolitic" that emerged later to the Greek alphabet  Now try to understand who is right: some people argue that the Cyrillic alphabet brought originality to the Slavic languages, while others claim that it created barriers to entry into the culture of Western Europe. Apparently, both sides are right


"Palanok" Castle  on the outskirts of Mukacheve "Palanok" Castle  on the outskirts of Mukacheve


The depth of the well in the Castle is about 75 m. It saved the defenders of the castle many times Mukacheve Castle panorama from high walls


It's hard to believe that these delicate flowers do not grow on a flowerbed, ... ... but on a vertical granite wall of an impregnable castle

This straw doggie has already welcomed Prof. L.G. Melnyk in Kyiv streets