Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Participation in interuniversity scientific and methodical seminar

At the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics of "Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the NBU" was held V Interuniversity scientific and methodical seminar on topic "Modern problems and methods of teaching economic disciplines" on June 16, 2015

From the Department of Economics and BA four teachers took part in the seminar: prof. Melnyk L.G., Ph.D. Kubatko O.V, Ph.D. Kovalev B.L., Ph.D., Burlakova I.M.

Professor Melnyk L.G. presented his monograph "Trialectical basics of economic systems development", made a presentation on "Green economy and its role in sustainable development" and described the content and features of the European Commission project Jean Monnet training module on “Using best EU practices for sustainable economy forming in Ukraine”.