Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
"We are facing a huge revolution ..."

People say: «Nobody was born wise but learned to be». To learn or not to learn is everyone's business. Recently, at Sumy State University future journalists have been taught. 

It was not about writing materials, for example, or how to behave in in front of the camera. Future journalists attended the lecture of the Head of the Department of Economics and Business Administration Leonid G. Melnyk. Not expected? Journalism is a diverse profession, and to be an ace in it is not that simple.

Remember the quote from the well-known Soviet cartoon "Cinderella", "I am not a magician. I'm still learning"? In SSU teach new casters are taught not only journalism but also broaden their scope. You say "Economics and Journalism – are completely different things"? Not at all.

Professor Melnyk told the students about "green" economy, ecological footprint and the supporting capacity. Professor said that we must economically consume everything that the planet gives us. "Everything accumulates a certain potential. Everything would have started much earlier, if people do not destroy everything that surrounds them. Few people know that in Sumy successfully works not one IT enterprise which consists of no less than 300-400 employees. There are much smaller IT enterprises in Ukraine".

The professor also showed electro mobile, which is very easy to use and solar-powered aircraft, which were produced in 3D - printer. Summing up his lecture, Leonid Melnyk emphasized that Ukrainian can switch to alternative energy resources, if there is a will. Many people use 3D- printers, and SSU is not an exception.

"The time required equals to zero. And the cost of obtaining any complexity is also zero. We are facing a huge revolution", Professor said. Students had the opportunity to ask interesting questions and receive answers.

I will remind that in SSU from September 2014 under the leadership of Dr. of Economics, Professor. L. Melnyk Jean Monnet Module "Using best EU practices for sustainable economy forming in Ukraine" (UBEUP) 553185-EPP-1-2014-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE has been performed (Sumy, Sumy State University; Coordinator - Professor L.G. Melnyk).

Each of us is the future. Someone is the future of a person somebody is a famous future in the profession. But all of us are united by one thing - we are the future of Ukraine. And it depends on us what air our children will breathe. It depends on us whether they are healthy. Future depends on us. After all, what we are doing now has the effect of a bomb. Soon it can explode. So, we must not only efficiently consume electricity and follow new trends of eco life but also care about the environment. After all, the Earth spins around its axis. All returns. Everything has a circular turn. What we are doing now, years later will have a result and this result will be for our children. Take care of it today.