Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
The implementation of Jean Monnet project in Odessa

The implementation of the second year of the project Jean Monnet “Using best EU practices for sustainable economy forming in Ukraine” (UBEUP) 553185-EPP-1-2014-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE) started in September 2015. One of the stages of the project was a series of lectures, round tables and debates at the Odessa state ecological University.

In November, doctor of Economics, Professor L. G. Melnyk completed the cycle of lectures, "Lessons and EU strategies for sustainable economy implementation in Ukraine" for students of economic and environmental faculties at the Odessa state ecological University. The lectures were also attended by teachers of University, including Ph. D., Assoc. Prof. E. P. Pavlenko, doctor of economic Sciences, Prof. E. R. Gubanova, Doctor of geology, Prof. T. A. Safranov. 


As a logical conclusion of the module lectures at Odessa, there were a round table and debates for students on the topic "Directions of sustainable energy development in Ukraine". The debates were prepared and held by associate professors of the Department of Economics and business administration of SSU Ph. D., I. B. Degtyareva and Ph. D., O. V. Kubatko. The winners of the debates and the most active participants of the round table received a certificate of the Jean Monnet program. 


Within the co-financing of the project, Professor L. G. Melnyk has delivered a series of lectures on sustainable economy development in Ukraine for students of the Institute of business, Economics, and information technology of the Odessa national Polytechnic University. In addition to undergraduate and graduate students of the University, Prof. S. K. Harichkov, Prof. I. A. Aleksandrov, and Professor V. M. Lysiuk also attended the lectures.