Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
"Green economy" at Economic Forum in Kharkiv

May, 26-27 Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics hosted an annual international conference "Economic development and Simon Kuznets legacy." The conference brought together scientists from many countries, including Bulgaria, Belgium, Ghana, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, France, and Japan.

At the plenary session Head of the Department of Economics and Business Administration of Sumy State University, Director of Institute for Development Economics under Ukrainian Ministry for Education & Science and National Academy of Science, Doctor of Economics, Professor Leonid  Melnyk made a half-hour presentation  "Green Economy in the Light of The Third and Fourth Industrial Revolutions" (in English). The report was prepared within the framework of Jean Monnet program “Using best EU practices for sustainable economy forming in Ukraine” (UBEUP) 553 185-EPP-1-2014- 1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE). His speech was of great interest, and caused many questions after the presentation.

It was a pleasant surprise for Prof. Melnyk to meet at a conference his old friend and colleague Doctor, Professor from Free University of Brussels Emmanuel Boon, who is an Honorary Doctor of Sumy State University. Half a dozen of international projects, 3 international textbooks, 2 study guides, and 2 monographs were prepared together. Professor Emmanuel Boon is also a member of the editorial board of the international journal "Mechanism of Economic Regulation".

Professor Leonid Melnyk’s speech

During Prof. Leonid Melnyk’s speech

Dr., Prof. Emmanuel Boon, Honorary Doctor of Sumy State University