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EU Strategy in the framework of Jean Monnet projects: Prof. Leonid Melnyk at the conference in Brussels

Professor, Dr. Leonid Melnyk  came back from Brussels. He took part in the annual Jean Monnet projects conference. The conference was attended by about 300 scientists and professors from around the world, dealing with EU theme (this is Jean Monnet program condition). This year the participants' attention was focused on the strategic issues of the development of the European Union. In particular, the report at the plenary session of the  keynote speaker Dr. Nathalie Tocci Deputy Director of the Institute of International Relations in Rome was devoted to the EU strategy for foreign and security policy.

One day of the conference was devoted to Round Tables Discussions. There were six Round Tables, where: international security, conflict prevention, the strategy of the common market, the formation of "smart" networks and sustainable development, ensuring democratic freedoms and human rights, cooperation between the state and civil society issues were discussed.

At the round table, Professor Leonid Melnyk suggested an urgent need to begin preparation of a phase transition to a new economic reality dictated by the Third and Fourth Industrial Revolution. Among the key measures the following issues should be highlighted: 1) the formation of horizontal structures directly linking producers and consumers; 2) deconcentration of production based on the creation of highly automated production units networks; 3) the formation of new economic relations on the basis of various forms of cooperation of the economy (solidarity, Sharing, freelancer, etc.).; 4) the transition from material growth to Information Society with the stabilization of industrial metabolism; 5) the formation of a public system of social reproduction (personal) human needs in a significant reduction in his working time and an increase in free time.

P.S. In the plane from Brussels to Kiev Prof. Leonid Melnyk flew with the fans, the team of Ghent, which were on their way to Lviv to support their team in a match against Donetsk "Shakhtar". As you know, the Belgian team lost 0:5. Glory to Ukraine!

Jean Monnet conference plenary session

Round Tables 

Prof. Leonid Melnyk’s  participation in a Round Table Talk 

Manneken Pis in Brussels is working hard all day around 

Just steps away from the original its chocolate second string is working 

The Grand-Place of Brussels is great especially at night

Day lessons for pupils directly on the Grand-Place 

Team fans from Ghent to save time are training ... to play "fool"