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Book Presentation and Jean Monnet project results in Regional Press Club by Leonid Melnyk

December 14, regional press club held a meeting with Professor from Sumy State University, Doctor of Economics Leonid Melnyk, who presented his two new books: "Philosophic Tales about Development (complex things in simple way)" and "Theory of Systems Development: Monograph"

Changing one of the slogans of Nikita Khrushchev era, which contemporaries still remember, we can say: "The current generation of people will live under" green communism". Leonid Melnyk is sure, this is not because of any parties and governments programs, but because of the Third and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which promise extreme change in not only the contours of the production sector, but also the usual features of our daily lives.

Thus, today the characteristic features are the mass adoption of solar, wind and biogas power generators, heat pumps. In Ukraine in the first half of 2016 14 new renewable energy power plants were built. In the coming years the volume of alternative energy investments will be several billion dollars. Only in Sumy 16 households have installed solar panels and sell extra energy.

Electrification of transport is rapidly growing. The number of electric vehicles in Ukraine is close to two thousand. Two years ago there were only some of them. Dozens of free charging stations are already functioning in Ukraine.

"Green" (renewable) economy began to win, slowing down "brown", i.e. non-renewable resource economy. However, renewable energy and electric transport are only the upper part of the iceberg of social transformation. Its main focus is the extremely complex and dramatic changes that have to go through Ukraine to its green future with social development and prosperity. The results of Jean Monnet Project ("The use of EU best practices for the formation of sustainable economy in Ukraine" (553,185-EPP-1-2014-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE)) headed by Professor Leonid Melnyk speak for it as well as his books.

"Philosophic Tales about Development (complex things in simple way)",  Sumy, University Book, 2015, 382 p.

The Theory of Systems Development: Monograph, Saarbrücken, Germany, Palmarium Academic Publishing, 2016, 528 p. (2nd edition - Sumy: University Book, 2016. - 416 p.)