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III Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0 in University Education: Odessa Digest by Prof. Leonid Melnyk according to Jean Monnet Project

March 28-30, 2017 Head of the Department of Economics and Business Administration of Sumy State University Prof. Leonid Melnyk, Director of the Research Institute for Development Economics of Ministry of Education & Science and National Academy of Science of Ukraine  presented the paper "Green Economy" and the III Industrial Revolution in University Education" at the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Methodological Conference "The Current State and Problems of Higher Ecological Education in Ukraine", which was held in Odessa State Ecological University (OSEU).
The paper explains green records of Ukraine during the III industrial revolution.
In Ukraine, in 2016, more than 100 new solar and wind power plants were launched. The total capacity of "green" energy industry reached 1 GW (2%), which was planned for 2025.
Applications for 5 GW of new installations have already been agreed.
In private households in 2016, 1110 solar panels were introduced (in 2015 - 244). In Sumy region - 20.
Ukraine in 2016 is among the four countries of Europe for the development of electric transport (4% from total numbers of vehicles). Only Norway is ahead - 26%, Netherlands - 6% and Iceland - 4,5%.
In 2016, the number of electric cars increased 4 (!) times - up to 2600. Two years ago there were 20.
There are 600 charging stations in Ukraine  (in 2015 there were 150).
In the same university Prof. L. Melnyk gave the lecture "The birth of the green economy and the prospects of Ukraine" for the youth activists of the university, NGOs representatives and journalists.
  Another lecture "III and IV industrial revolutions and prospects of Ukraine" was delivered for teachers and postgraduates of Odessa National Polytechnic University (ONPU). 
In all three speeches Prof. L.G. Melnyk presented the results of the project under the EU Jean Monnet grant, where he is the project leader.
Prof. L. Melnyk’s direct speech. Odessa always sparkles with smiles. They appear even in inscriptions that can be found in the streets of the city. This time, I was lucky enough to collect a whole collection of such inscriptions...
Near the university, where the conference was held, I was lucky to find the street in which Anna Akhmatova once lived.
... And not far from the Railway station just on the square I met a flock of dolphins.

Paper for teachers of Ukrainian universities

Answering the teachers questions 

Lecture in OSEU for NGOs representatives

Lecture in OSEU

Meeting with OSEU youth activists 

Lecture for ONPU teachers

During the lecture for ONPU teachers

Odessa inscription: “Caution: the dog is cunning, fast, experienced, aggressive and vindictive”

Odessa inscription: “If you have a dog, clean up after it”

Odessa inscription: “A woman remembers not presented flowers for a long time”

A. Akhmatova lived not far from this place 

Dolphins on the streets of Odessa (Sennaya Square after reconstruction)