Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Economists are the first again: the brilliant victory of SSU team in the zonal university tournament

The SSU basketball team won the first place in the zonal tournament of seven university teams in which, in addition to our team, took part two teams from Kharkiv, two from the Dnipro and one by one from Poltava and Glukhiv.
It's nice to note that the team based on economists. The team is trained by the post-graduate student of the Department of Economics and Business Administration of Oleg Balatsky ARI FEM Yaroslav Kovalev. The captain of the team is Vitaly Ignatchenko, he is also a graduate student of the same department, as Ivan Torba, one of the leading players of the team.
Economists have distinguished themselves in individual craftsmanship. The master of the specialty "Economics of the Environment" Roman Novikov received the MVPt prize, that is the prize of the most valuable player of the tournament; And the student-economist Igor Starodub was recognized as the best playmaker.
Economists of ARI BT UABS Mykyta Zayats and Andrij Kozhemyakin also showed themselves on the best side. Andrij Kozhemyakin received the best scorer prize.
For the team also played students of the ElIT Faculty Ihor Gorovyj and Dmytro Kazban, as well as students of the TeSET Faculty Vladyslav Odarchenko and Denys Galybin.
Spiritual moderators of the team are the head of the Department of Economics and Business Administration, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Leonid Melnyk and associate professor of the same department, Ph.D. Olexander Derykolenko. The team's chief is Mykola Gumennyj, a graduate of Oleg Balatsky ARI FEM in the past.