Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
The Students of economics specialty received certificates «M.E.Doc»
In the period from March, 30 to April, 20 the students of 4th year study of the Economics and Business Administration Department, gr. E-31/u were training with the software package «M.E.Doc».
Classes were held by PhD, senior teacher Kubatko O.Vik., who is a certified professional and has the right to teach this computer program. Beside  above mentioned training it was organized intensive-course for students of the 4th year, group E-32/a and master's degree students of specialty "Business, trade and exchange activity" (gr. PE.m-61). In general students showed interest in acquiring practical skills to work with computer program «M.E.Doc» and improve their competitiveness for labor market.
During the training, the students learned the basic modules of the program «M.E.Doc» and received practical knowledge for formation of tax statements, creation requests to public authorities and others
After the training students have successfully passed the final test and received certificates entitling any company that takes them to work get a 50% discount on the software package «M.E.Doc».