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Analyzing Simon Kuznets’ legacy: Professor Leonid Melnyk’s speech in Kharkov (KhNUE)

Rector of Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences V.S. Ponomarenko invited Head of the Department of Economics and Business Administration from Sumy State University, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences Leonid Melnyk to take part in the annual International Scientific Conference "Economic Development and Simon Kuznets’ Legacy", which was held June 1-2, 2017. Professor Leonid Melnyk presented the report "III and IV industrial revolutions and prospects for Ukraine" at the plenary session.
The report reflected the results of the implementation of Jean Monnet EU projects: "Using best EU practices for sustainable economy forming in Ukraine” (UBEUP) 553 185-EPP-1-2014- 1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE) and "Opportunities and Challenges of Trade with the EU for Ukraine (573581-EPP-1-2016-1-UAEPPJMO-MODULE). 
On real examples of the development of Ukrainian economy (the 4th place in Europe for the electrification of transport, the 1st  place in the world by the number of freelancers per capita, the impressive growth rate of the "green" energy, etc.) it was shown that Ukraine has good prospects to take a place among the leading information economy countries in the world. The report was of great interest and there were many questions.
The day earlier the Head of the Department of Management, KhNEU Proessor Tetiana Lepeyko invited Professor Leonid Melnyk to gave a lecture for the master students, PhD students and teachers of the university related to the topic of another Jean Monnet project (which is also performed by the department economics and BA at SSU) in the field of EU-Ukraine trade cooperation.
The report of prof. L. Melnyk at the conference

During Professor Melnyk’s interview

During Professor Melnyk’s interview
Professor Melnyk’s lecture for undergraduates, post-graduate students and teachers of KhNEU
Professor  Melnyk’s lecture