Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Sustainable development in action: in SSU was conducted a training session organized by the United Nations

Teachers and post-graduate students of the Department of Economics and Business Administration together with colleagues from the Oleg Balatsky Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management have expanded their knowledge and skills in the field of sustainable development. This became possible by conducting on the basis of the Sumy State University a training on «A public awareness campaign on sustainable local development in the context of the United Nations sustainable development goals».
Interactive training took place in 2 stages – on November 2 and 3. The first day of training located on the Laboratory of ideas of the SSU. Participants discussed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, familiarized with the role of Ukrainian institutions in their achievement. The main focus was on quality education.
The second day (on November 3) anticipated the departure to the Lipova Dolyna town. There, the participants of the training got acquainted with the results of the implementation of micro-projects within the framework of the Community-Based Approach to Local Development project, on example of the NGO «Lipivka». In particular, the university staff visited the kindergarten «Berizca» and LLC «Plant of Kobzarenko», where energy-saving technologies (solar energy using, solid fuel boilers, etc.) were implemented.