Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Excursion to the enterprise "Kerameya"
May 8, 2018 the excursion was held under the guidance of  the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration teachers prof. Melnyk L. G., Ph.D. Burlakova I.M. for students of "Economics"  and “Business Administration” specialty to LLC "Kerameya»  ̶  a successful enterprise that is dynamically developing and is the leader of the market of building ceramic materials in Ukraine.
Deputy chief engineer Savchenko A.L. and head of marketing department Merkun I.V. acquainted students with enterprise’s activities. 
First, in a multimedia lecture hall, students received information about the economic activities of the enterprise, the available production capacities, the range of products and indicators for assessing its quality level. The issues of investment, price and personnel policy of the enterprise were also subject to discussion.
Then they visited the photo museum and learned more about the history and development of the company  ̶  market leader of clinker brick and pavers. 
In addition, the students learned about the main stages of the manufacture of high-quality building materials directly at the production line. As noted specialists products obtained by high-temperature firing (1200˚C) of high quality clay that provides the product with the unique properties - low water absorption, resistance to frost and unique strength. 
Further, the students visited the production control room and the quality control laboratory for the finished products. Anatoly Leonidovich told about methods of laboratory testing of the quality of raw materials and finished products, which are confirmed at the enterprise by certificates of compliance with European production norms. Quality assurance of products is over 100 years old, so any object constructed of clinker will last more than one generation.
Based on the results of the excursion, the directions for the further development of practically-oriented training of students on the basis of an innovative enterprise were discussed. The Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration expresses gratitude to the employees of Kerameya LLC for the excursion and hopes for new meetings!