Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Lecture on "Phase transition" and presentation of books by professor Leonid Melnyk

On May 15, in the Literary Lounge of the Library and Information Center of Sumy State University, a meeting was held with Professor Leonid Melnyk, under the symbolic title "Easy on the Complex," and the presentation of his books "Philosophical Tales of Development (simply about complex)", "Green Economy" and "The birth of the sustainable economy." 
Among the guests were the artist Mikhail Volov, the technical editor of books, the specialist of the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration Zavdovyeva Julia, editor-in-chief of the popular scientific journal of the FEM Institute named after Oleg Balatsky ‘FEM book’ Opanasyuk Julia Anatolyevna, homeopathist and member of the literary and art association "Ukrainian Wave" Ilyashenko Leonid Vasilyevich and students who created illustrative materials (student of PE-71 Kirilenko Maxim Viktorovich and a student of group PE-61 Kripak Eugenia Aleksandrovna).
In a relaxed atmosphere, the discussions discussed the revolutionary changes taking place in the economy and in society, which are intended to ensure the transition from the "cowboy economy" to the "cosmonauts’ economy" through the use of renewable resources, closed cycles and permanent material metabolism. Particular attention was paid to the creation of cyber-physics systems and the concept of the Internet of things as a phenomenon capable of radically rebuilding economic and social processes by eliminating from the part of actions and operations the need for human participation (the story of "how things have created their Internet"). It was also noted that the material basis for such a transition should be "green" energy, large-scale energy accumulation and additive technologies (3D printers). The eloquent examples and records of the "green" energy show that we all live during colossal revolutionary changes and should not stay away from them!