Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Exploring the problems of the III and IV industrial revolutions: Scientific and teaching internship of Professor L.G. Melnyk in Australia

From 7.12.2018 to 5.02.2019, Dr., Prof. L.G. Melnyk, Head of the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at SSU, Director of the Research Institute for Economics of Development of the Ministry of Education & Science and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, was on a research and teaching internship at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.
During the internship, the problems of the III and IV industrial revolutions and the phase transition, which the socio-economic systems of our time are experiencing, were studied.
Modern methods of teaching at the university and involvement students to research activities were studied.
The result of the internship is the preparation of the article “Phase transitions in socio-economic systems”. Approaches to mass dissemination of knowledge about the development of society in modern conditions are also developed. According to the results of this, a series of popular science books for students and youth of senior school age was prepared:
• Stories of development;
• Stories of a "green" economy;
• Stories from the future;
• Stories of systems thinking;
• School of wizards;
• Something that rules the world;
• Miracles wonderful.
Manuscripts of books are prepared for publishing.
Using long change between flights in Singapore Prof. Melnyk visited this city-country, the motherland of economic wonder.
Meeting with Professor John Roberts
Discussion with Professor John Roberts
At the workshop
Discussion with teacher of the department Jonas Heller
At the workshop
The paper of Prof. Christine Moorman
The centre of Singapore
The way from airport to the city is immersed in greenery and flowers
World known Singapore Management University
Shady squares of Singapore