Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Science, Ethics and Responsibility: Professor Leonid Melnyk at the World Science Forum in Budapest

From November 20 to November 23, 2019 Prof. Leonid Melnyk, Head of the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at SumDU, Director of the Research Institute for Development Economics of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine participated in the World Science Forum (WSF) in Budapest. This is the 20th anniversary since the launch of this remarkable scientific event. This year's Forum was entitled: Science, Ethics and Responsibility. Over 40 scientific sections have been held during the Forum, where 150 reports by representatives from all continents of the planet were presented.

The most urgent issues of scientific ethics and responsibility in the most important spheres of social life such as medicine, genetics, agro-production, journalism, diplomacy, education, and culture were raised.

Titles of some thematic sessions allow to consider about the content of the Forum discussions:

• Are three ethical limits to what science can achieve of should pursue?

• What humans will be after genome editing?

• The future of science and science for the future.

• Responsible research and innovation and research integrity: across the globe and across society.

• Ethics in science communication.

• Science for well-being.

• International norms and ethical principles.

One of the meetings of the Forum was held at the Art Museum, where participants could witness digital technology.

Hungarian President’s Speech

Prof. L. Melnyk at the World Science Forum

Forum plenary session: "Are there ethical boundaries that science must adhere to?"

Plenary session at the Art Museum

One of the discussion questions at the Forum is "Artificial intelligence for accessibility. Accessibility for Artificial Intelligence»

Virtual Art Museum

Any picture can be immediately magnified as digital with detailed information

The participants of the Forum enjoyed a virtual art exhibition

Contemporary sculptures in Budapest are not bearded riders, but city dwellers (as this artist who is drawing the bridge from nature) near ordinary passers-by 

... And it seems that the bridge is quite good

Nature is frozen in bronze

And this brawler is barely holding on to the fence

It seems that the dog is about to run again

This guy dressed as a knight at the hotel seems to be
just kidding in front of his guests
This boy, called in the travel guides as  "Manneken Pis" is very thin. Maybe this is the reason for the lack of a corresponding result
A Christmas tree has already been lit in Budapest. Let’s hope this New Year will bring new joy