Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Economics of Power Industry

Мельник Л. Г., Карiнцева О. I., Сотник I. М. Економiка енергетики. — Навчальний посiбник.- Суми: ВТД «Унiверситетська книга», 2006.

In tutorial the main factors of energy production are considered with the ways of their effective use, mechanisms of energy products cost value formation and its pricing issues. Attention is paid to the estimation of economic efficiency of production measures in power industry, the problems of macro-energetic indicators planning and forecasting are investigated along with and state structure of power industry management formation. The interpretations of special terms and concepts are given, the most important patterns and relationships in the mechanisms development for economics of power industry are exposed. The peculiarities of Ukraine’s energy complex are analyzed with the ones in developed countries at the modern stage of economic development. Tutorial is aimed for bachelor level students training in environmental specialties and also can be useful for teachers and other experts in the field of power industry economics.

The language is Ukrainian

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