Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Enterprise economics: Summary of lectures

altМельник Л.Г., Карiнцева 0.I. Економiка пiдприємства: Конспект лекцiй: Навч. посiб. — Суми: ВТД «Унiверситетська книга», 2004. — 412 с.

The material stated in the manual reflects the impact of objective economic laws to the activity of managing subjects. There have been examined systems of interrelated production factors and realization in the book; examined tools that ensure comparable cost appraisal of expenses and results of activity, there has been paid special attention to the problems of search and realization of activity of the most efficient directions of development of enterprises in the conditions of uncertainty. The book is meant for teachers and students of economic specialties, and also for those, who studies economic disciplines at non-economic specialties. The book can be used by specialists and enterprise managers.


Language—the Ukrainian

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