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Informational economics

altМельник Л.Г. Информационная экономика. — Сумы: ИТД «Университетская книга», 2003. — 288 с.

The matter of informational reality as the basis of origination of a new-type socio-economic formation is investigated in the textbook. Principles and preconditions of information-oriented society forming are analyzed here. Directions of informatization in production and social spheres are considered in the book. Basic components of informational economics are defined here, basic types of socio-economic transformations when proceeding to information-oriented society and peculiarities of transformational processes control. The textbook is provided with a glossary. It is meant for lecturers, students and post-graduates of institutes of higher education. The book is of interest for SRI research assistants; it can be used by operating control managers, and also by specialists of enterprises and establishments that provide realization of innovation policy at proper levels.


Language—the Russian.

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