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Enterprise economics

altЭкономика предприятия: Учебное пособие / Под общ. ред. д.э.н., проф. Л.Г. Мельника. — Сумы: ИТД «Университетская книга», 2002. — 632 с.

The material stated in textbook illustrates influence of objective economic laws on activity of subjects managing. Systems of related production and sales of products factors, tools providing commensurable estimate of costs and work results, problems of search and realization of the most effective directions of enterprise development in conditions of indeterminacy are handled and analyzed in the book. The book is meant both for lecturers and students of economic specialties and for those who study economic disciplines at non-economic specialties. The book can be used by experts and enterprise managers. It can also serve as a reference book for experts and enterprise managers.


Language—the Russian.

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