Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Basics of Sustainable Development

Мельник Л.Г. Основи стійкого розвитку: Навчальний посібник для післядипломної освіти. - Суми: ВТД «Університетська книга», 2006. - 383 с.

Using the examples of the processes and phenomena in nature and society the patterns of the open stationary systems development are considered with interconnections between energetic and informational characteristics of transformational processes. The prerequisites of progressive development of systems in nature and society are formulated. The concept of “sustainable development of socio-economic systems” is analyzed with the main principles, methods and instruments of social systems sustainable development ensuring.

Tutorial is aimed for post-diploma training of specialists of national economy. It can be recommended for university students and teachers of specialties without such course in curriculum. Popular writing style makes this tutorial useful for extracurricular training of the elder pupils and for listeners of institutions of I-II accreditation level.

The language is Ukrainian

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