Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Social and Economic Potential of Sustainable Development

Социально-зкономический потенциал устойчивого развития: Практикум / Под ред. проф. Л.Г. Мельника (Украина) и проф. Л. Хенса (Бельгия). - Сумы: ИТД «Университетская книга», 2007. - 335 с.

The workshop manual is designed for the training of skills needed during obtaining the knowledge on the foundations of sustainable development and also for the development of abilities to accept and implement solutions that bring nearer the sustainable development goals achievement. In the workshop manual problems are presented with recommendations for seminars and practical lessons, tips for students and teachers are provided on the preparation for the classes including presentation materials.

The manual is aimed for teachers, students and post-graduates of higher educational institutions.

The language is Russian

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