Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Ukraine and the EU: Preconditions and Vectors of Socio-Economic Integration

Україна та ЄС: передумови та вектори соціально-економічної інтеграції : навчальний посібник / Л.Г. Мельник, І.Б. Дегтярьова , О.В. Кубатко – Суми: Сумський державний університет, 2012. – 254 с.

In tutorial the directions of economic cooperation between Ukraine and the countries of Western Europe are analyzed with the problems of socio-economic integration of Ukraine into the EU, the basic directions of cooperation and ways of socio-economic integration of Ukraine into the EU are investigated, and also the characteristic is given for the current state of EU economic and social policy, analyzed the dynamics development of EU social and economic relations with the candidate countries for EU entrance, the main ways to improve economic cooperation are analyzed, the primary goals on the way of Ukraine's integration into the EU are grounded.

For students and teachers of economic specialties, post-graduates of higher education institutions, officials at various levels, as well as for those who interested in issues of social and economic integration of Ukraine into the EU.

The language is Ukrainian

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