Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Economic Fundamentals of Resource-Saving

altСотник І.М. Економічні основи ресурсозбереження: навчальний посібник / І.М. Сотник. – Суми: Університетська книга, 2013. – 284 с.

The tutorial considers evolution, major factors and directions of resource-saving. Attention is paid to socio-ecological-economic efficiency assessment for energy-saving measures, formation aspects of environmental and economic mechanism of management and motivation are examined for resource-saving along with resource-saving processes monitoring problems. Resource-saving management is analyzed in developed countries and in Ukraine, as well as problems of resource-saving market development problem.

For masters in economic and environmental specialties, students of other specialties, teachers and professionals who are interested in resource-saving economics issues.

The language is Ukrainian

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