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Trialectic Basics for Control of Economic Systems Development
Мельник Л. Г. Триалектические основы управления развитием экономических систем [Текст] : монография / Л. Г. Мельник. – Сумы : Университетская книга, 2015. – 447 с.
In the monograph on the basis of the proposed by the author trialectic approach, fundamentals of the interaction of three groups of factors: material-energy, information, synergetic in the formation and development of economic systems is studied.
Business Process Reengineering of industrial enterprises: the theory, methodology, practice

Business Process Reengineering of industrial enterprises: the theory, methodology, practice: a monograph / L.N. Taranyuk. - Sumy: publishing and production enterprise "Mriya-1", 2014. - 608 p.

The monograph is justified and formed the theoretical basis of business process reengineering as part orientation processes control. Improved organizational and economic mechanism of realization of business process reengineering in the workplace. Investigated the conceptual approaches to the implementation of business process reengineering. Proposed and improved methodological support reengineering activities in industry, especially in the machine-building enterprises of Ukraine and other countries.

Rise to Utopia or M.M. Nepliuev’s "Time Machine"

altМельник Л.Г. Сходження до Утопії, або «Машина часу» М.М. Неплюєва. Монографія. (Соціально-економічний аналіз) / Л.Г. Мельник. – Суми: ВД «Фолігрант», 2013. – 240 с.

The reasons for phenomenal social and economic success of Holy Cross Exaltation Labor Brotherhood, founded by M.M. Nepliuev, are analyzed for that had been surprising the world for more than 40 years (until 1929) with its organization, moral principles and innovations that were far ahead of its time.

Theory of Economic Systems Self-Organization

Мельник Л. Г. Теория самоорганизации экономических систем [Текст] : монография / Л. Г. Мельник. – Сумы : Университетская книга, 2012. – 439 с.

The conditions and mechanisms of self-organization of open stationary systems are analyzed. The concept of self-organization as such is uncovered, the definitive basis is provided for its forming processes: self-sufficiency, self-financing, self-recovery, self-restriction, self-improvement (reproduction), self-management, self-control, self-preservation and self-development. The force motion and patterns of economic systems self-organization are studied. The prerequisites of progressive development of socio-economic systems are analyzed.

Market System of Ukraine: the State and Perspectives of Development

Ринкова система України: стан та перспективи розвитку: монографія / За заг. ред. О. В. Макарюка, В. М. Жмайлова, Ю. І. Данька. – Х. : «Міськдрук». – 2011. – 964 с. 

This monograph summarizes the experience of domestic and foreign scholars on the formation of a market economic system. The market structure is analyzed; its basic types and recommendations are given for their further development. It draws the attention to the issues of network marketing, Internet recruiting, intellectual property market, etc.

Innovative Risk Management at Small and Medium Industrial Enterprises

Управління інноваційними ризиками на малих та середніх промислових підприємствах : монографія / О. М. Дериколенко. – Суми: Вид-во Вінниченко М.Д., 2011 – 144 с.

In the monograph the research results are represented with systematization of theoretical, scientific, methodical and practical propositions and developments in the sphere of innovative risk management. Methodical approaches are proposed and grounded for the multifactor analysis and innovative projects evaluation; for the selection of priority areas of innovative activities at different types of organizational structures of small and medium enterprises-innovators.

Quality of Life Estimation for Population of the Region in Conditions of Sustainable Development

Старченко Л.В. Оцінка якості життя населення регіону в умовах сталого розвитку: монографія / за заг. ред. к.е.н., доц. І.М. Сотник. - Суми: Сумський державний університет, 2010. - 270 с.

The transformation of approaches to model formation for sustainable socio-ecological-economic development and "quality of life" in these conditions is studied. The current situation is analyzed and the basic tendencies of regional development are investigated in case of Sumy region in conditions of transformational changes, the impact of macroeconomic and regional indicators on quality of population’s life is determined. The theoretical and methodical approaches are developed for complex rating estimation of quality of population’s life within the territory in the context of sustainable development and the estimation of the quality of life of the region is made in case of Sumy region. The strategy of territory development based on the quality of life monitoring is formed. The recommendations are developed for the effective use of regional budget investment funds within the implementation of economic, social and environmental measures to improve quality of population’s life.

The book is for the scientists, specialists of research institutions, professionals of city-level, local and regional administrations. It will also be interesting for teachers and post-graduate students of economic and environmental specialties of higher educational institutions.

Managing Resource Conservation: Socio-Ecological and Economic Aspects

Сотник І.М. Управління ресурсозбереженням: соціо-еколого-економічні аспекти: монографія / І.М. Сотник. -- Суми: Вид-во СумДУ, 2010. -- 499 с.

The monograph, which is the result of research carried out at SSU, systematically stated the theoretical, methodological with scientific and methodical aspects of the complex self-reproductive ecological-economic mechanism of resource saving management. Socio-economic, political, environmental prerequisites are studied with the state of resource-saving activities development in developed countries and Ukraine, theoretical background of resource-saving is deepened. Scientific and methodical approaches are developed for the assessment of socio-ecological-economic efficiency and motivation of resource saving measures. Methodological approaches are suggested for the ecological and economic mechanism formation of the resource saving management. Theoretical and practical aspects are considered for the creation of multi-level socio-ecological-economic monitoring system of resource saving processes. Scientific and methodical bases are improved for the organizational and economic administration of resource saving at different levels of management.

The monograph is aimed for experts in resource saving processes management in the economy, teachers, post-graduates and students of environmental and economic specialties.

Methods for Solving Ecological Problems

Методы решения экологических проблем : монография / под ред. д.э.н., проф. Л. Г. Мельника, к.э.н. Е. В. Шкарупы. — Сумы: Изд-во СумГУ, 2010. — Вып. 3. — 663 с.

Collective monograph is devoted to the topical issues of environmental problems solving and achieving sustainable development of socio-economic systems in the modern conditions. The book includes scientific works of the representatives of different regions of Ukraine, Belgium, Russia and USA. The monograph is designed for teachers and students of different specialties, as well as the heads and specialists of enterprises, institutions and NGOs. This monograph was prepared for publication by teachers and post-graduate students of Sumy State University.

Economic Grounding of Business Process Reengineering for industrial enterprises

Економічне обґрунтування реінжинірингу бізнес-процесів виробничих підприємств: Монографія / За заг. ред. канд. екон. наук, доц. Л. М. Таранюка. — Суми: Видавничо-виробниче підприємство «Мрія-1»ТОВ, 2010. — 440 с.

In monograph theoretical aspects of business process reengineering are considered for the industrial enterprises. The effectiveness of reengineering actions is analyzed at the methodological level. Special attention is devoted to institutional aspects of reengineering in modern business conditions. Strategic development of the enterprise is analyzed. Eco-business processes reengineering is investigated.

The urgent tasks are stated and solved, that meet the research objectives that will demonstrate the high role of economic grounding of reengineering business processes at the enterprise during the financial crisis and the need for the implementation of innovative management techniques.

An important place is given to questions of scientific and practical principles of business process reengineering implementing in domestic industrial enterprises, as well as theoretical aspects of business process reengineering in the technological change management system of at the mechanical engineering enterprises in Ukraine.

Monograph can be useful first of all for managers and experts of the enterprises, scientists, post-graduates and students of economic specialties.

Social and Economic Problems of Information Society: the monograph

altСоциально-экономические проблемы информационного общества : монография / под ред. д.э.н., проф. Л. Г. Мельника, к.э.н., доц. М. В. Брюханова. — Вып. 2. — Сумы: Университетская книга, 2010. — 896 с.

International collective monograph is devoted to the study of socio-economic problems of the information society. The main regularities, peculiarities and contradictions of the information economy and the socio-economic relations during the transition towards a post-industrial formation are examined. The book represents the work of researchers who uphold different, sometimes opposing, points of view and representing a variety of schools from several regions of Ukraine and Russia, Germany, USA, India, Belarus, Brazil, Britain, Singapore.

Environmental Conflicts in the Modern System of Nature-Use

Экологические конфликты в современной системе природопользования / под ред. д.э.н., проф. С. Н. Бобылева и к.э.н., доц. В. В. Сабадаша. – Сумы : Университетская книга. – 2010. – 352 с.

International collective monograph devoted to the study of ecological and economic contradictions and conflicts in the modern system of nature-use and economic activity.

The methodological issues of ecological conflictology are considered with the subject-object relations of economic agents in the processes of origin, passing and resolution of ecological conflicts depending on the hierarchical level, interests of the conflict subjects and its intensity, with methodological approaches and with scientific and practical methods for ecological conflicts resolving.

The monograph consists of the work of scientists and experts, who represent well-known scientific schools of environmental economics: Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Western European.

This monograph can be useful both for teachers and students of economic and environmental specialties and for specialists making environmentally-oriented decisions in the industrial sphere as well as in governmental authorities, regional and local administrations.

Ecological and Economic Mechanisms of Resource-Saving Motivation

Сотник I. М. Еколого-економічні механізми мотивації ресурсозбереження. Монографія. — Суми: ВВП «Мрія-1» ТОВ, 2008. — 330 с.

In monograph theoretical, methodical and applied aspects of resource-saving motivation management are considered in the conditions of Ukraine’s transition towards information society and production ecologisation. Motivational prerequisites and ecological-economic key factors of successful resource-saving actions implementation are systematized. Special aspects of resource-saving transformations in Ukraine’s economy are analyzed, methodical approaches are developed for the complex evaluation of socio-ecological-economic effectiveness of resource-saving motivation with economic and organizational support for the resource-saving actions motivation management system at the different levels of administration.

Monograph can be useful first of all for experts in the field of motivation and management of resource-saving actions in the economy, scientists and students of environmental-saving and economic specialties.

Environmental and Economic Mechanisms for Innovative Resource Saving Management in Machine-Building

Сотник І. М. Еколого-економічні механізми управління інноваційним ресурсозбереженням у машинобудуванні : Монографія / І. М. Сотник, Ю. О. Мазін. – Суми : ВТД «Університетська книга», 2007. – 252 с.

The environmental and economic preconditions are considered for the realization of innovative resource-saving in machine-building in Ukraine. The information base is formed with the methods of environmental and economic efficiency assessment for innovative resource-saving activities. Organizational and economic tools are proposed for an innovative resource saving management in engineering industry with taking the environmental factors into account.

For scientists, specialists of research and design institutions, industrial workers. The book will also be of interest to teachers, post-graduates and students of educational institutions.

Economics of Development

Мельник Л.Г. Экономика развития: Монография. - Суми: ИТД «Университетская книга», 2006. - 662 с.

Based on the general patterns of open stationary systems functioning the factors and mechanisms of economic structures development are analyzed. The correlation between energy, information and synergistic bases of socio-economic systems activity is studied. The problems of socio-economic development are considered in the conditions of transition toward the information society also with economic bases of sustainable development.

Monograph is prepared based on the research conducted in the SSU under support of the State Fund for Fundamental Research of Ukraine.

Resource-Saving and Economic Development of Ukraine

altРесурсозбереження та економічний розвиток України: формування механізмів переходу суб’єктів господарювання України до економічного розвитку на базі ресурсозберігаючих технологій : монографія / [І. М. Сотник, Л. Г. Мельник, М. К. Шапочка та ін.] ; за заг. ред. к.е.н., доц. І. М. Сотник. – Суми : ВТД «Університетська книга», 2006. – 551 с.

The collective monograph examines theoretical, methodical and applied aspects of the mechanisms formation for the transition of the economic entities of Ukraine toward economic development on the basis of active implementation of resource saving technologies. Definitional framework is improved along with methodical tools for assessment of socio-ecologo-economic efficiency of resource-saving activities. The features of transitive processes in the Ukrainian economy are considered with preconditions and economic branch aspects of the resource-saving transformations. Environmental and economic mechanisms are developed for the transition management of Ukrainian business entities towards resource-saving type of economic development.

For specialists in resource-saving transformations management in the economy, teachers, post-graduates, students of natural protection and economics specialties.

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