Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Methods for Solving Ecological Problems

Методы решения экологических проблем : монография / под ред. д.э.н., проф. Л. Г. Мельника, к.э.н. Е. В. Шкарупы. — Сумы: Изд-во СумГУ, 2010. — Вып. 3. — 663 с.

Collective monograph is devoted to the topical issues of environmental problems solving and achieving sustainable development of socio-economic systems in the modern conditions. The book includes scientific works of the representatives of different regions of Ukraine, Belgium, Russia and USA. The monograph is designed for teachers and students of different specialties, as well as the heads and specialists of enterprises, institutions and NGOs. This monograph was prepared for publication by teachers and post-graduate students of Sumy State University.

The language is Russian

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