Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Economic Grounding of Business Process Reengineering for industrial enterprises

Економічне обґрунтування реінжинірингу бізнес-процесів виробничих підприємств: Монографія / За заг. ред. канд. екон. наук, доц. Л. М. Таранюка. — Суми: Видавничо-виробниче підприємство «Мрія-1»ТОВ, 2010. — 440 с.

In monograph theoretical aspects of business process reengineering are considered for the industrial enterprises. The effectiveness of reengineering actions is analyzed at the methodological level. Special attention is devoted to institutional aspects of reengineering in modern business conditions. Strategic development of the enterprise is analyzed. Eco-business processes reengineering is investigated.

The urgent tasks are stated and solved, that meet the research objectives that will demonstrate the high role of economic grounding of reengineering business processes at the enterprise during the financial crisis and the need for the implementation of innovative management techniques.

An important place is given to questions of scientific and practical principles of business process reengineering implementing in domestic industrial enterprises, as well as theoretical aspects of business process reengineering in the technological change management system of at the mechanical engineering enterprises in Ukraine.

Monograph can be useful first of all for managers and experts of the enterprises, scientists, post-graduates and students of economic specialties.

The language is Ukrainian