Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Ecological and Economic Mechanisms of Resource-Saving Motivation

Сотник I. М. Еколого-економічні механізми мотивації ресурсозбереження. Монографія. — Суми: ВВП «Мрія-1» ТОВ, 2008. — 330 с.

In monograph theoretical, methodical and applied aspects of resource-saving motivation management are considered in the conditions of Ukraine’s transition towards information society and production ecologisation. Motivational prerequisites and ecological-economic key factors of successful resource-saving actions implementation are systematized. Special aspects of resource-saving transformations in Ukraine’s economy are analyzed, methodical approaches are developed for the complex evaluation of socio-ecological-economic effectiveness of resource-saving motivation with economic and organizational support for the resource-saving actions motivation management system at the different levels of administration.

Monograph can be useful first of all for experts in the field of motivation and management of resource-saving actions in the economy, scientists and students of environmental-saving and economic specialties.

Language—the Ukrainian.