Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Social and Economic Problems of Information Society: the monograph

altСоциально-экономические проблемы информационного общества : монография / под ред. д.э.н., проф. Л. Г. Мельника, к.э.н., доц. М. В. Брюханова. — Вып. 2. — Сумы: Университетская книга, 2010. — 896 с.

International collective monograph is devoted to the study of socio-economic problems of the information society. The main regularities, peculiarities and contradictions of the information economy and the socio-economic relations during the transition towards a post-industrial formation are examined. The book represents the work of researchers who uphold different, sometimes opposing, points of view and representing a variety of schools from several regions of Ukraine and Russia, Germany, USA, India, Belarus, Brazil, Britain, Singapore.


Language—the Russian.
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