Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Theory of Economic Systems Self-Organization

Мельник Л. Г. Теория самоорганизации экономических систем [Текст] : монография / Л. Г. Мельник. – Сумы : Университетская книга, 2012. – 439 с.

The conditions and mechanisms of self-organization of open stationary systems are analyzed. The concept of self-organization as such is uncovered, the definitive basis is provided for its forming processes: self-sufficiency, self-financing, self-recovery, self-restriction, self-improvement (reproduction), self-management, self-control, self-preservation and self-development. The force motion and patterns of economic systems self-organization are studied. The prerequisites of progressive development of socio-economic systems are analyzed.

The language is Russian

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