Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Managing Resource Conservation: Socio-Ecological and Economic Aspects

Сотник І.М. Управління ресурсозбереженням: соціо-еколого-економічні аспекти: монографія / І.М. Сотник. -- Суми: Вид-во СумДУ, 2010. -- 499 с.

The monograph, which is the result of research carried out at SSU, systematically stated the theoretical, methodological with scientific and methodical aspects of the complex self-reproductive ecological-economic mechanism of resource saving management. Socio-economic, political, environmental prerequisites are studied with the state of resource-saving activities development in developed countries and Ukraine, theoretical background of resource-saving is deepened. Scientific and methodical approaches are developed for the assessment of socio-ecological-economic efficiency and motivation of resource saving measures. Methodological approaches are suggested for the ecological and economic mechanism formation of the resource saving management. Theoretical and practical aspects are considered for the creation of multi-level socio-ecological-economic monitoring system of resource saving processes. Scientific and methodical bases are improved for the organizational and economic administration of resource saving at different levels of management.

The monograph is aimed for experts in resource saving processes management in the economy, teachers, post-graduates and students of environmental and economic specialties.

The language is Ukrainian

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