Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Quality of Life Estimation for Population of the Region in Conditions of Sustainable Development

Старченко Л.В. Оцінка якості життя населення регіону в умовах сталого розвитку: монографія / за заг. ред. к.е.н., доц. І.М. Сотник. - Суми: Сумський державний університет, 2010. - 270 с.

The transformation of approaches to model formation for sustainable socio-ecological-economic development and "quality of life" in these conditions is studied. The current situation is analyzed and the basic tendencies of regional development are investigated in case of Sumy region in conditions of transformational changes, the impact of macroeconomic and regional indicators on quality of population’s life is determined. The theoretical and methodical approaches are developed for complex rating estimation of quality of population’s life within the territory in the context of sustainable development and the estimation of the quality of life of the region is made in case of Sumy region. The strategy of territory development based on the quality of life monitoring is formed. The recommendations are developed for the effective use of regional budget investment funds within the implementation of economic, social and environmental measures to improve quality of population’s life.

The book is for the scientists, specialists of research institutions, professionals of city-level, local and regional administrations. It will also be interesting for teachers and post-graduate students of economic and environmental specialties of higher educational institutions.

The language is Ukrainian

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