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and Business Administration
Environmental Conflicts in the Modern System of Nature-Use

Экологические конфликты в современной системе природопользования / под ред. д.э.н., проф. С. Н. Бобылева и к.э.н., доц. В. В. Сабадаша. – Сумы : Университетская книга. – 2010. – 352 с.

International collective monograph devoted to the study of ecological and economic contradictions and conflicts in the modern system of nature-use and economic activity.

The methodological issues of ecological conflictology are considered with the subject-object relations of economic agents in the processes of origin, passing and resolution of ecological conflicts depending on the hierarchical level, interests of the conflict subjects and its intensity, with methodological approaches and with scientific and practical methods for ecological conflicts resolving.

The monograph consists of the work of scientists and experts, who represent well-known scientific schools of environmental economics: Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Western European.

This monograph can be useful both for teachers and students of economic and environmental specialties and for specialists making environmentally-oriented decisions in the industrial sphere as well as in governmental authorities, regional and local administrations.

The language is Russian

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