Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Environmental and Economic Mechanisms for Innovative Resource Saving Management in Machine-Building

Сотник І. М. Еколого-економічні механізми управління інноваційним ресурсозбереженням у машинобудуванні : Монографія / І. М. Сотник, Ю. О. Мазін. – Суми : ВТД «Університетська книга», 2007. – 252 с.

The environmental and economic preconditions are considered for the realization of innovative resource-saving in machine-building in Ukraine. The information base is formed with the methods of environmental and economic efficiency assessment for innovative resource-saving activities. Organizational and economic tools are proposed for an innovative resource saving management in engineering industry with taking the environmental factors into account.

For scientists, specialists of research and design institutions, industrial workers. The book will also be of interest to teachers, post-graduates and students of educational institutions.

The language is Ukrainian

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