Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Trialectic Basics for Control of Economic Systems Development
Мельник Л. Г. Триалектические основы управления развитием экономических систем [Текст] : монография / Л. Г. Мельник. – Сумы : Университетская книга, 2015. – 447 с.
In the monograph on the basis of the proposed by the author trialectic approach, fundamentals of the interaction of three groups of factors: material-energy, information, synergetic in the formation and development of economic systems is studied.
Material–information conversions in transformation transitions of systems are analyzed. The key factors of a system dynamics: feedbacks, tools to caring metabolism and stationarity, adaptation and bifurcation mechanisms, evolutionary factors (variability, heredity, selection), and also principles of systems’ self-organization are investigated. Preconditions of progressive development of economic systems as well as management instruments are grounded. Conditions of sustainable progressive development of socio-economic systems and prerequisites for the formation of information society are investigated. 
A large number of examples and illustrations in the book allows to use it as a study guide for teachers and students.
The language is Russian.