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Ecological and Economic Bases of Resource-Saving

altЕколого-економічні основи ресурсозбереження : монографія / Мельник Л. Г., Скоков С. А., Сотник І. М. ; під ред. канд. екон. наук, доц. І. М. Сотник. – Суми : ВТД “Університетська книга”, 2006. – 229 с. 

The monograph examines environmental and economic preconditions for the realization of resource-saving development processes in Ukraine. Definitional basis of resource-saving is investigated with approaches to its environmental and economic efficiency assessment, environmental and economic tools of resource-saving and mechanisms for their practical implementation using the example of developed countries and Ukraine. The methodical bases are formed for resource-saving management at different levels of business. a set of recommendations is developed to improve the resource-saving management mechanism in Ukraine.

Methodology of Development

Мельник Л.Г. Методология развития. Монография. - Сумы: ИТД «Университетская книга», 2005. - 602 с.

Based on the example of the processes and occurrences in inorganic nature, biosphere and society the phenomenon of open stationary systems development is investigated.

Factors and mechanisms of development are studied. The patterns of systems development processes are considered as a single course of natural evolution. The phenomenon of three-unity of energy, information and synergistic origins are investigated as the bases for creative functions of nature. Prerequisites of progressive socio-economic systems development are analyzed.

Monograph is prepared based on the research conducted in the Sumy State University with the support of the State Fund for Fundamental Research of Ukraine.

Methods for Solving Ecological Problems

Методы решения экологических проблем / Под редакцией доктора зкономических наук, профессора Л.Г. Мельника и кандидата зкономических наук, доцента В.В. Сабадаша. - Суми: Винниченко Н. Д., ОАО „СОТ" издательство „Козацький вал", 2005. — 530 с.

Collective monograph is devoted to the topical issues of environmental regulation issues and achieving sustainable development of socio-economic systems in the conditions of global economy. The book includes scientific works of the representatives of different regions of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Belgium and USA.

The monograph is designed for teachers and students of different specialties, as well as the heads and specialists of enterprises, institutions and NGOs.

This work is done with financial support of State Administration of Ecology and Natural Resources in Sumy Region.

Socioeconomic Problems of Information Society

altCоциально-экономические проблемы информационного общества / Под редакцией доктора экономических наук, профессора Л. Г. Мельника. — Сумы: ИТД «Университетская книга», 2005. — c.

The international collective monograph is devoted to the research into socioeconomic problems of information society. The regularities, particularities and contradictions of information economics development and socioeconomic relationships within the framework of transition to the post-industrial formation are considered.

This book represents the studies of scientists who defend different, sometimes the opposite, points of view. The scientists, whose works are gathered there, are from different schools of thought from several Ukrainian regions and also from Russia, Belgium, Germany and the United States of America. The geography of the presented scientific centers covers the territory from Novosibirsk to California.

Methods of ecological costs appraisal

altМетоди оцiнки екологiчних втрат: Монографiя / За ред. д.е.н. Л.Г.Мельника та к.е.н. О.I.Карiнцевої. — Суми: ВТД «Унiверситетська книга», 2004. — 288 с.

There have been calculated ecological losses per unit of getting at the macroeconomical level in Ukraine of certain economical results. Theer has been examined the dynamics of ecological losses per unit during the period of 15 years. There have been executed appraisals of direct and materialized ecological losses from the production of a production unit according to separate branches (kinds of economic activity and regions) and regions. There have been given recommendations concerning the decrease of ecological capacity of the production unit.

Ecological production costs in Ukraine

altЭкологические издержки производства в Украине / Под научной ред. Л.Г. Мельника и А.И. Каринцевой. — Сумы: РИО «АС-Медиа»; Первая украинская компания инновационно-инвестиционного развития «Экополюс», 2003. — 72 с.

A notion of ecological costs is revealed in the scientific edition. Quantitative value of the ecological costs components in Ukraine is calculated. The dynamics of ecological capacity of the country production during the last 15 years is analyzed. There is given an appraisal of ecological costs per unit of getting a unit of production at the macroeconomical level and also in separate sectors (kinds of activity) and regions of Ukraine. With the help of method “expenses-output” the indices of materialized ecological capacity are calculated. There are given recommendations for reducing specific indices of ecological costs.

Ecological problem-solving techniques

altМетоды решения экологических проблем / Под редакцией доктора экономических наук, профессора Л.Г. Мельника. — Сумы: ИТД «Университетская книга», 2001. — 462 с.

The collective monograph was worked up according to the materials of the VIII International Scientific Conference “Economics For Ecology” (Sumy, May 2001) devoted to problems of ecological regulation and socio-ecological-economic contradictions resolution of modern society. The book includes works of representatives from different regions of Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain, Turkey, Nepal. It is meant both for lecturers and students of different specialties and also for experts and managers of enterprises and establishments.

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