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Vivat, Alma Mater or Chronicle of Tent Revolution in Sumy - 2004

Мельник Л. Г., Iлляшенко С. М., Iлляшенко Н. С. Vivat, Alma Mater, або Хронiка наметової революцiї в Сумах-2004. — Суми: Видавництво «Унiверситетська книга», 2006. — 399с, 48 с. iл.

Reader can expect familiarity with sharp, exciting events of the summer 2004. at that time students, teachers, citizens of Sumy committed unprecedented resistance against self-will of authorities that tried to unite the three universities. This protest came into history under the name "tent revolution", "student revolution", "revolution on grass". After more than a month-long tent protest action and march to Kyiv President had to cancel his decree that initiated merging processes for universities in Sumy. That was the first victory of people’s will declaration over the self-will of powers. Many researchers called this event the prologue for historic "Orange Revolution."

The book is written in the light, available for the mass reader form, illustrated with the excerpts from newspapers and magazines, documents, and photographs.

The language is Russian

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