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Mysteries of Development (not a very serious book about a very serious thing)

Мельник Л. Г. Тайны развития (не очень серьезная книга об очень серьезном). — Сумы: ИТД «Университетская книга», 2005. — 378с.

Only on the ground of the scientifically proven facts about processes and occurrences in inorganic nature, biosphere and society the phenomenon of open stationary systems development is investigated. The factors and mechanisms of development are studied. The patterns of systems development processes are considered as a single path of evolution. The prerequisites of progressive development of natural and socio-economic systems are analyzed. The book is illustrated with pictures and moralizing comments.

For a wide range of readers, can be used as tutorial for real-life studies.

For students, teachers and just citizens of Sumy, Ukraine who defended the independence of three universities in summer 2004.

The language is Russian

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