Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Ecological Economics: Textbook.

Мельник Л. Г. Екологiчна економiка: Пiдручник. — 3-тє вид., випр. i допов. — Суми: ВТД «Унiверситетська книга», 2006. — 367 с.

This textbook is the main one for the environmental-economic courses in universities of Ukraine.

In contrast to the traditional Environmental Economics textbooks mainly concentrated on the current environmental problems solution within current economic system this textbook aims to form essentially new directions of economy transformation on the basis of the production life-cycle ecologization.

Besides theoretical statements the reader will find factual and normative materials of current environmental legislation of Ukraine. Textbook includes the glossary.

Textbook is oriented to teachers and students of different specialties and also can be useful for scientists and experts as a reference book.

The language is Ukrainian

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