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Principles of sustainable development. Workbook

altОснови стiйкого розвитку. Практикум / За заг. ред. д.е.н., проф. Л. Г. Мельника. — Суми: ВТД «Унiверситетська книга», 2005. — 352с.

Facsimile signature provided by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Paper № 14/18.2—1183, 26.05.05.

This book considers the regularities of open stationary systems development and also the relationship between energy and informational characteristics of transformational processes with the help of examples based on processes and phenomena of the nature and society. The preconditions of progressive natural and social systems development are formulated. Concepts of “sustainable development of socioeconomic systems”, basic principles, methods and tools of providing the social systems sustainable development are analyzed. The book is for teachers, students and PhD students of higher educational establishments of different accreditation levels.

Language – Ukrainian

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