Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Economics of Energy
Economics of Energy: Textbook / Ed. by Dr., Prof. L.G. Melnyk, Dr., Prof. I. M. Sotnyk. - Sumy: University Book, 2015. - 378 p.
The book describes the main factors of energy production, ways of their efficient use, mechanisms of the formation of energy production cost and its pricing. Attention is paid to the technical-economic grounding of economic activities in energy sector, reliability and quality of power supply, problems of planning and forecasting of macroenergy indicators, formation of the management structure of the energy sector, the development of "green" energy. The peculiarities of Ukraine’s and developed countries’ energy complex functioning at the present stage of economic development are analyzed.
The book is aimed at students of energy specialties and can also be useful for teachers and other professionals in Economics of Energy.
Language – Ukrainian