Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities

Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities: textbook / for colleges. Ed. doctor of sciences, prof. I. Sotnik, doctor of sciences, prof. L. M. Taraniuk. - Sumy: VTD «University Book», 2018 - 572 pp.
The book contains materials that provide the formation of the basic professional competencies of bachelors and masters in specialty 076 «Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities». The textbook examines theoretical provisions, organizational, economic and methodological support for the activities of business entities, trade and exchange activities. The issue of anti-crisis management and transformations in entrepreneurship has been studied. The modern tendencies of development of business taking into account the European vector of development are considered. Economic aspects of social relations, logistics, pricing, business planning, marketing activities, cost management, strategic planning in business and trade are disclosed. Dedicated to the modeling of business processes and their changes in entrepreneurial activities, organizational culture and ethics in business.
In addition to students, the textbook will also be useful for teachers of economic specialties and other specialists in ensuring the effective operation of business entities, trade and exchange activities.