Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration
Masters program "Business-Administration"
Field of knowledge: 07 - "Management and Administration"
Specialty: 073 - "Management" (specialization "Business Administration")
Degree level: Master
Enrollment form: full time (according to the individual schedule), part-time
Terms of study: 1,5 / 2 years
The possibility of cross-entry (study on the basis on the degree of "Вachelor" in any directions: economic, humanitarian, naturalistic, engineering, etc.)

Specialty "Management" (specialization “Business Administration”) - you improve knowledge on business administration and management, formation of business strategies, investment management, business ethics, management of business conflicts, entrepreneurial innovation and leadership in business. You will find the answers to the key questions that arise during your practice.

Master of Business Administration - a postgraduate business-education degree in administration and management of business, which provides highly professional practical specialists, personal growth and career development of graduates and meets the high intellectual and academic standards.

The mission of the "Business Administration" master program in the Sumy State University is its focus on the training of highly qualified professionals in this specialty, which would realize the importance of innovation activity and greener production for economic development, would be familiar with necessary knowledge and skills and promptly respond to the urgent needs of enterprises in enhancing of innovation processes.

Business Administration covers the following main fields of activities:

  • organization and management departments of state and municipal government;
  • anti-crisis management;
  • management of sustainable innovative development of enterprises and organizations;
  • management of regional development;
  • forming of plans for territory socio-economic development;
  • management of public relations;
  • management business-structures of different levels etc.

Advantages of the specialty:

  • Individual approach to each student;
  • Various forms of learning;
  • Learning in different languages;
  • Skillful teaching staff;
  • Opportunity to practice and work abroad;
  • Mutual enrichment from communicating with like-minded people - students, teachers, etc.;
  • Use of interactive teaching methods and new information technologies to solve business problems with examples of companies, at which students work;
  • Greatest range of professional choice;
  • Access to a broad base of information resources.

Master in "Business Administration" can work in chief positions in public administration sphere, as a high school teacher, scientific consultant in management of business structures of different hierarchical levels, as well as at the positions of top and middle stage management in enterprises, companies and in their departments and services, associations of enterprises of different ownership forms and types of activities.

Masters in Business Administration can work as:

  • CEO of a business union, chairman, director of company, its agency, branch etc.;
  • Leader in local and state government;
  • Chief of service ;
  • Head of Department, Economic Director, Office Director;
  • Commercial Director;
  • Chairman of the commission (bureau), head of group, branch or inspection chief
  • Head of projects and programs;
  • Teacher, researcher and consultant.