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The Economic Research Centre

Address: 244035, Ukraine, Sumy,
ul. Zalivnaya 1, k.29
Tel: +380 542 33 22 23, 33 57 74
Fax: +380 542 60 44 78
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
President: Prof., Dr. Leonid Melnyk. Executive Director Dr. Victor Sabadash

The Economic Research Centre was founded in 1990. The staff (full—and part time) of the Centre includes 3 academicians, 5 professors and 12 doctors carry out activity. Scientists and Specialists of the Centre have carried out courses in Japan, USA, Germany, Greece, France, Belgium.

Since foundation more than 30 fundamental scientific and applied projects were elaborated by the Centre including 8 international projects. The results of these projects were presented at International Conferences in USA, Japan, Russia, Greece, Sweden, France, Costa-Rica, Belgium, the Netherlands.

The Main Directions Of Enterprise’s Activity Are As Following:

  • economic analysis and substantiation of investment projects;
  • working out economic instruments of environmental management;
  • organization and hosting of scientific conferences and workshops;
  • publishing activity.

The Economic Research Centre is a basic institution for preparation of economic normative basis for development of Ukrainian laws in the field of environmental protection, in particularly, “Law about Environmental Protection of Ukraine”.

The Examples Of Recent International Projects Elaborated By The Economic Research Centre Are:

  • Economic Mechanism for Provision of the country Program for the Phase-out of Ozone Depleting Substances in Ukraine (supported by the World Bank);
  • Case Study of Environmental Expenditure and Investment in Ukraine (supported by the World Bank)
  • The Draft Economics of business: Applications for the Development of Transitional Economies (supported by the Program “Eurasia”)
  • Publishing Environmental Economics and Management in Ukraine (supported by the Programme TACIS).
  • Pilot Project “Environmental Management Training for City Managers through Distance Education in the Ukraine” (supported by the Programme TACIS).
  • Presentation and Publication of two international textbooks “Environmental Economics” and “Environment and Health” (supported by Flamish Community).
  • The project “Sustainable Development on Local Level” (supported by NATO Programme).

The Last Projects On National Level:

  • Management of NGO—conducting the seminars and publications of manuels (supported by the Programme “Eurasia”).
  • Research project “Accounting Environmental Costs of Production in Ukraine and development of corresponding recommendations” (supported by Ministry of Environment Protection of the Ukraine).

The Tnstitution Is Ready For Development Of Common Projects In Areas Including The Following:

  • economic analysis and substantiation of investment projects;
  • training personal on economic and environmental fields;
  • hosting conferences and workshop;
  • elaboration of procedures for managing the investing projects.