Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship
and Business Administration

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Subjects of Training Courses

Teachers of the Department of Economics and Business Administration conduct long-term and short-term training courses for specialists of enterprises, institutions and organizations of various forms of ownership and subordination.

Topics of courses:
1. Sustainability of Production Systems;
2. Self-Organization Mechanisms of Production Systems;
3. Organizational Foundations of Production Systems Management;
4. Improving the Efficiency of Technical and Economic Systems;
5. Formation of Motivational System for Industrial Enterprises towards Energy and Resource Saving;
6. Feasibility Grounding of Energy and Resource-Saving Projects at an Engineering Company;
7. Goldratt Theory of Constraints. Constraints Management in the Production Process;
8. Quality and Productivity Management of the Production System;
9. Production Reserves Management Systems;
10. Management of Competitiveness of the Enterprise, which Specializes in Providing Scientific and Technical Services;
11. Formation of Strategic Management System of the Company;
12. Economic and Legal Aspects of Business Transactions With Intangible Assets in the Form of Industrial Property and Copyright;
13. Managerial Accounting, Control and Analysis - the Basis for Decision-Making;
14. Financial Controlling and Planning;
15. International Standards for Business Processes Outsourcing;
16. Strategic Financial Planning;
17. Organization of Budget Management at the Company;
18. The Most Effective Management Technologies;
19. Economic and Mathematical Foundations of Business Risks Analysis and Management; 
20. The Transformation Mechanism at the Industrial Enterprise;
21. Transformation Strategy in Process-Oriented Business Process Management;
22. Analysis of the Linking-Production at the Enterprise;
23. Innovative Technologies of Management Implementation at the Enterprise - an example of Lean Production;
24. Organizational and Economic Principles of Business Processes Reengineering at Manufacturing Enterprises;
25. Mechanisms of Business Processes Transformation at Manufacturing Enterprises;
26. Practical Aspects of Strategic Development of Business Entities in the Context of Business Processes Optimization on Micro and Macro Level;
27. Complex Program Formation for Strategic Development of Industrial Enterprise;
28. Optimization of Business Processes by Implementing of BSC – indicators system;
29. Supply Logistics and Identification of the Optimal Supply Amount for Raw Materials, Stock Etc.;
30. Logistics or Production or Workflow Optimization;
31. Cost Logistics and Logistic Services.
32. Designing of Logistics Decision on Choosing a Supplier;
33. Reasoning for the Optimal Amount of the Production-Run;
34. Feasibility Grounding of Managerial Decisions;
35. Analysis and Ways of Expressing the Basic Indicators of Production Efficiency;
36. Management of Product Competitiveness in the Financial Crisis;
37. Trends and Forecasts of the National Industry in the Conditions of Global Financial Crisis;
38. Social Protection of the Population;
39. Personal Growth;
40. Time Management;
41. Fundamentals of Management;
42. Setting Tasks to Subordinates;
43. Staff Motivation;
44. Emotional Intelligence of Manager Practice.